Behind Your Eyes

Behind your eyes, the infinite resides

a vastness of space – fierce grace

I am a child filled with wonder and awe

swinging under a canopy of moss and dew


nothing could stop this smile

here I am wasting time

moving in and out of stillness


will you trust the earth to be at your feet with each step?

the air to fill your lungs with oxygen?

the sun to wake you and

the moon to lull you to sleep?


I am falling in deeper

a curious traveler on the edge

of discovery,

alone in the darkness

feeling my way slowly, gently as I go

Sensing the light of my soul is the home to which I am returning


the light of my soul is the home to which I am returning

Flower Essences help you return to what is essential

We are all on the path of returning. returning back to our soul’s essence.

Thomas Hubl, a modern day integral mystic, discusses the concept of completing the loop of full expression. What this means is that we all have certain impulses and a unique inner expression that longs to be fully expressed in order to complete our soul’s mission in this lifetime. Hubl quotes Lao Tzu’s words from the Tao te ching on this matter, saying “express yourself completely then keep quiet”.

Flower essences help support us to rediscover this unique form of expression and give us the courage to trust ourselves and our unique messages, wisdom, and gifts in order to bring them first into OWN hearts and then in turn we can share these with the world. HOW? Because there is no difference between us and everything else. As ONE returns back to their own heart, they are helping the collective return to itself, inspiring it and giving others the courage and FULL permission to return to their own hearts AND to bring out of hiding their gifts, wisdom and messages and unique form of creative soul expression.
Your voice, your wisdom and your gifts are unimaginably unique to you AND they are completely relevant and applicable to share as part of a macro / universal expression. you are the universe and pure love in form. you cannot get this life wrong. you can not do any of this wrong and you are FREE to express your voice 100% in this lifetime. There is no additional healing you need to do in order to start expressing this. by starting NOW you will be more effective in your own returning to deep self love and acceptance and peace and you will be essentially freeing and giving everyone around you permission to do the same. there is nothing left to wait for, pray for, heal or “fix” before you express what is within you. Your truth is linked to everyone elses and the the threads that are pulled out one by one unravel the illusional ties that keep us bound in silence. Sing your heart song. Start today.

Permission to live NOW

Live your life NOW the way you want to be living it:

There is no sense in waiting until "tomorrow" to start living your life the way you dream of. If I would have given myself the permission long long ago to do this I might be in a very different place. I wish I would have known to give myself permission to live the life I wanted earlier on, BUT I am doing that NOW and have been for the past few years, keeping music on the front burner finally. Here is a gentle reminder to: GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION NOW to do the things you want to do. We hear so often about living from love rather than fear that it has become cliche. But living from LOVE is as essential to your happiness and wellness as eating healthily and working out. It's part of the holistic wellness wheel. Living your passion, honoring your heart, in whatever way(s) you can helps to create a resonant clearer flow in your energy system that prevents and helps transmute stuck emotions, energy blockages, qi stagnation, all things that can potentially lead to "dis-ease".