A New Definition of Creativity...

"Creativity is making something from (seemingly) nothing at all. It is the art of opening, allowing, deep listening and allowing energy to flow freely in and around out of the body. Creativity is energy, vitality, life force. Creativity is a process of expansion and contraction. Creativity is anything that stems from inspiration, longing, imagination, and spontaneity. It is a cathartic dynamic process". - Emily Lewis
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    What is creativity coaching and how can it help me? 

    This is an in-depth process to help guide you to remember your heart and soul's deepest longing so that you can live the creatively expressed and truest version of YOURSELF you can be. This coaching program is for you are feeling stuck, uninspired, low energy or creatively blocked and are ready to transition into living the life you have imagined. If you want to learn ways to cultivate more vitality and creative life force and you know deep inside you have a gift that the world needs but you need support and structure to manifest it, then this program is for you! 

      The 3 Pillars of my coaching services

      1. Access Love

      • Embody your Divine potential
      • Develop your heart centered awareness

      • Develop loving relationship to self and other

      2. Reclaim Your Power

      • Release and overcome fear of the unknown

      • Develop your self worth, value and self-esteem

      • Transform your relationship with your inner critic

      3. Express Yourself Freely

      • Access your creative spark

      • Discover your creative flow

      • Have more joy in your life