I have had the pleasure of working with Emily Lewis on several occasions over the last few years. Emily has helped me with a wide range of organizing projects, from packing and unpacking for moving house, to purging and organizing my pre-teen daughter’s room, to helping me get through a massive paper build up on my own desk. Emily is compassionate about the fact that mess happens, and seems to have a magical touch in clearing it up. Tasks that seemed daunting, are suddenly and seamlessly handled with ease. Emily’s organizing skills are flawless, but it is her supportive attitude and good humor that really makes a difference in how it feels to purge, organize and beautify spaces. I highly recommend Emily and the Art of Space!
— E. Randolph
Emily is AMAZINGLY TALENTED at what she does!! She is kind, friendly, wise, super intelligent! Seriously, she is my go-to anytime Im overwhelmed with work, piles of stuff and just need simplicity and clarity. Our work together has been transformational to my psyche, office, and soul. Thank you Emily!
— Adam B. - Berkeley, CA
Emily helped me get rid of a ton of old stuff that I wasn’t using and didn’t need, that I was dragging around every time I moved, that was feeling heavy energetically too.

I feel more ease and flow in my space now, and it totally created room for new things to flow in...

I highly recommend working with Emily if you need help getting organized and decluttered!
— Orinda Resident

I was pretty hesitant to let anyone see my clutter, let alone a professional organizer, but I'm so glad I chose to work with Emily. She created a totally judgement-free zone and helped me move forward with preparing for an upcoming move. If you're picky about who you let into your home to see what's really in your closets, then Emily is a great choice. She also can craft custom flower essences to energetically support your in your organizing, clearing, de-cluttering processes...if you're into that sort of thing. I am!  - Tal R. 
I’ve been receiving flower essences for over a year now. I transitioned to working with Emily 2 months ago. The flower essences she chose and dowsed for me have helped me on a level that no human has been able to help with thus far. I have had some release in seeming esoteric realms - release from karmic patterns that haunt my relationships, and release from the cellular vestiges of old sub personalities. I feel less bogged down emotionally and energetically after taking Emily’s essences, and my capacity to focus on day to day tasks has improved.
— M.Mortlock - Orinda, CA
Emily Lewis is a kind, sensitive, creative and helpful person. I was very grateful to find someone who really comes from her heart. I feel lucky to have found her...
— Suzanne Lerner, Ph.D
Emily’s help has totally transformed my apartment! She helped me address my problem areas and develop new systems to prevent them from continuing to be problem areas where things would inevitably pile up. She is supportive and also cuts through the crap and helps you get your crap in order. Working with her supplementary custom flower essence blend has been amazing too. I am so grateful for her support and would highly recommend her to anyone who has chronic areas of disorganization in their home.
— R.G. Oakland, CA
Emily is the fastest packing help I have ever had! She is good at covering things well so they don't get broken. She is pleasant and professional to work with. Its easy to communicate with her and she is on time. I really recommend her highly for any move! - Laura B.