The Imaginarium Community Center represents

Hope & Possibility for a brighter future


The Imaginarium Community Center bridges the arts and health sectors in order to create healthier, sustainable and connected individuals and communities. Social connection, engagement in the arts and volunteerism becomes recognized and validated as an integral component of individual & community health.  This progressive community center is designed to bring more joy into the world. It is time to awaken & share the unique gifts within each of us so that we can build more vibrant and healthy communities.   

Mission Statement

Cultivating greater states of health and wellness through community centered classes, creative exploration, group therapies and volunteerism so that you can live a creatively rich, happier and more connected life!


In a time when healthcare is failing and millions of Americans are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, among a host of other chronic illnesses, people are searching for more viable options to increase their health, well-being and happiness.

What is The Imaginarium & how will it help the community?

The Imaginarium is a progressive community center which addresses health from a community-oriented perspective. It incorporates a social model of health with the current medical model. The treatment methods and modalities offered at The Imaginarium Community Center are created from evidence based studies that show the health of the individual is inextricably linked to the health of the community. It offers the community affordable access to progressive integrative health treatment options along with a focus on creative expression, play and the arts. These activities have been shown to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and to help with mental health challenges, health conditions that affect a staggering amount of Americans every year. The Imaginarium is dedicated to offering creative and healing activities in a group setting to bring individuals out of isolation and into group engagement on a regular basis. It is founded on the principal tenet that creative expression and community engagement have real and measurable positive effects on individuals overall sense of well-being, health and happiness. 

The Imaginarium Community Center will offer the following holistic services

  1. Arts of Prescription: Classes for chronic and acute disease management groups prescribed by participating health centers, physicians & therapists

  2. Group Therapies: Wilderness, Expressive Arts, Somatic based

  3. Personal Resilience & Inner resource building workshops

  4. Volunteer Center: Connects you with volunteer opportunities in your local community so that you can give back. 

  5. Body Awareness: Movement & Exercise Classes

  6. Performance Space: Music, Theatre, & Performing Arts

  7. Spark! SoundArt-Mobile: Traveling sound and music  for improvisational music making, bridge building between adverse communities and groups and team building activities for organizations and companies.

Guiding Principles and Foundational Schools of Thought

Eudaimonia, Volunteerism, Holism, Integrative Health, Functional Medicine, Human Flourishing, Positive Psychology, Integral Theory  

Core Values

Authenticity, Community Engagement, Connection, Cooperation, Creative Expression, Diversity, Fairness, Happiness, Healing, Human Potential, Innovation, Inspiration, Integrity, Justice, Love, Play, Quality of Life, Respect for Earth, Truth, Well-Being, Wellness.

The Imaginarium Team is:

  • Integrative Health Practitioners
  • Physicians
  • Teachers
  • Therapists
  • Coaches 
  • Creative Visionaries
  • Artists
  • Committed community leaders ready and excited to make a difference! 

Who will The Imaginarium Community Center serve? 

  • Community members looking for an inspiring place to attend a wide variety of group activities 
  • Any individual who is ready to have their unique gifts honored and valued as their intrinsic offering to society
  • Artists of all types looking for a place to share their art
  • Creative visionaries looking for an inspirational & creativity incubator space 
  • Low to moderate income individuals & underserved groups who would otherwise not be able to afford integrative health and expressive arts based services 

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This is a progressive community centered organization designed to bring more light, levity and joy into the world. It is time to awaken & share the gold within each of us which is our unique expression.