The Imaginarium Community Center represents

Hope & Possibility for a brighter future


Imagine a time when individuals know they are an important thread in the fabric of the most beautiful tapestry. Social connection, engagement in the arts and volunteerism becomes recognized and validated as an integral component of individual & community health.  The Imaginarium Community Center will be the leading organization in the United States bridging the arts and health sectors in order to create healthier, sustainable and connected individuals and communities. This progressive community center is designed to bring more joy into the world. It is time to awaken & share the unique gifts within each of us so that we can build more vibrant and healthy communities.   

Mission Statement

Cultivating greater states of health and wellness through community centered classes, creative exploration, group therapies and volunteerism so that you can live a creatively rich, happier and more connected life!

Core Values

Truth, integrity, authenticity, play, connection, healing, potential, community engagement, cooperation, quality of life, fairness, justice, creative expression, open heartedness, integral theory, diversity, well-being, positive psychology, respect for earth, happiness. 

The Imaginarium Community Center is 

  • Integrative Health Practitioners
  • Physicians
  • Teachers
  • Therapists
  • Artists
  • Any individual who is ready to have their unique gifts are honored, valued and held as sacred.

This is a progressive community centered organization designed to bring more light, levity and joy into the world. It is time to awaken & share the gold within each of us which is our unique expression.