Gain a deep awareness of the wisdom keeper that is seated in the center of your heart. If you long to get back in touch with your creative spark, to feel embodied, and to live from an empowered place, there's good news: it is 100% possible! The journey starts today with each powerful choice you make. Are you ready to start living your heart's fullest, most authentic expression? NOW is the time to start trusting your deepest truth so that you can engage in your life in a rich and playful way! The world needs your voice, your song, your message, your creative offering NOW... 

Reclaim Power 

  • Release and overcome fear of the unknown

  • Develop your self worth, value and self-esteem

  • Transform your relationship with your inner critic

Express Freely

  • Access your creative spark

  • Discover your creative flow

  • Have more joy in your life

Access Love

  • Open yourself to fulfilling partnership

  • Embody your Divine potential

  • Develop your heart centered awareness

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I’ve been receiving flower essences for over a year now. I transitioned to working with Emily 2 months ago. The flower essences she chose for me have helped me on a level that no human has been able to help with thus far. I feel less bogged down emotionally and energetically after taking Emily’s essences, and my capacity to focus on day to day tasks has improved. - M.Mortlock, Orinda