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Sound and vibration are the technologies that I live in accordance with.

I am a woman with the poetry of longing to express. The form that this poetry comes out is by way of songs. Sometimes it may sound like it could lull you to sleep and sometimes it could make you want to get up a shake off the cobwebs from your soul. My life is about creative expression and the search for ultimate truth and liberation.

Underneath all sound is the same thing, silence. My music is ultimately about the silence underneath it all, the still place that it stems from, and the deeper place of alignment and inspiration it may inspire you to lean into. It is in the spaces in between, the silence after the sounds, that contain the magic. This is the intention of my music, to let it envelop you and invite you into stillness, feeling and being.

Emily Lewis is a singer/songwriter/producer and truth seeker living in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains. Her duo Sweet Medicine formed in 2013 and played in and around the bay area at festivals, conferences, convergences. Their first self titled album was released in June of 2017 under the artist names Emily Lewis and Naia Graham. Sweet Medicine was a collaborative project dedicated to bringing deeper awareness of medicine music to the community.

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Emily Lewis
emilymaylewis@ gmail.com

Booking: 831.818.0613